Our Fiberglass monocoque bodyshell, for over 20 years guarantees safety, total absence of
infiltration, maximum aerodynamics and ease of repair.

A bodywork is defined as a monocoque when produced using a single mould, with no components assembled later.
The product obtained is comparable in all respects to the hull of an inverted boat in

which the total absence of joints guarantees absolute waterproofing and perfect insulation.
Our single-body sandwich consists of a three-layer sandwich with a total thickness of 30 mm. the
floor, on the other hand, completely resined and welded to the body itself, has a thickness of 60 mm.

Remarkable are the advantages of the Fibreglass monocoque that, over time, totally cancel the higher costs incurred at the time of the purchase.
MORE SAFETY due to a strength and resistance to impact considerably higher than the traditional assembled structures. The high flexibility absorbs the impacts reducing the negative effects on the structure and consequently the risks for the passengers.
TOTAL ABSENCE OF INFILTRATIONS AND MAXIMUM COIBENTATION thanks to the absence of joints and thermal points.
Totally AERODYNAMIC both side and front. This makes the vehicle safer to drive, more stable, faster with significant reductions in fuel consumption due to better penetration coefficient.
FACILITY OF REPAIR because in case of accident it is not necessary to replace the whole wall, as in the case of structures assembled with panels, but you can only plaster and paint the damaged part from the outside quickly and cheaply.